Jessica Gonzalez (Jessica Sanchez Hoyos) her birth name, is a Colombian born in the city of Pereira on November 16, 1990.

This 31-year-old Colombian has managed to achieve her goals by taking risks and trusting in herself.

He grew up with his aunt and cousins ​​who became like his brothers and continue to have a close relationship. He was always concerned and careful about his studies, to excel, to learn and he was very clear that he wanted to achieve everything and live differently from what he already knew.

When he was 15 years old, he started working at his uncle’s nightclub, helping him sell tickets, keeping the customers’ bags and paying the payroll to all the employees.

There he learned to value the money and the effort to get it and above all the power of discipline and commitment.
When she turned 18 and was finally of legal age, she started working as a waitress in one of the most famous places in her city.

I work there from Monday to Monday and with this money I manage to pay for his university.

She started the International Business career but with very little to graduate, she decided not to finish her degree because she felt disappointed with the education she was receiving and said that her teachers were not passionate about what they did.

She worked endless hours, stayed up all night every day and even so she was always attending her classes and fulfilling her obligations since it was a privilege for her to be able to pay for a university since she knew they couldn’t do much; and the disappointment was greater since Jessica is a person who takes her future and learning very seriously.

At the age of 18, while working and studying, she met her first boyfriend with whom she lived for approximately 3 years and with whom she had a son named JACOBO.
The arrival of this child in her life was not as she expected. She had in her mind the idea of ​​leaving the country in search of more opportunities and that this child came as a surprise to her was devastating and she felt that her whole life, her career and her effort had gone to waste.

Despite feeling this way, Jessica accepted the situation and took responsibility for her actions, bringing her son into this world and giving him all the love that she never imagined feeling for someone. Her son is her greatest strength and the reason for her happiness.

While his son was a baby, after receiving a vaccine, his son had a reaction that caused hydronephrosis of the urethra, causing an infection that caused Jacobo to lose 80% of his left kidney and part of his bladder.

This difficult situation brought only learning and made Jessica value her son and health even more, because without health we are nothing.

As much as Jessica tried to work at that time, to give her best, she saw no progress, she had no savings and on multiple occasions she did not even have money to buy food. So he made the decision to leave his country Colombia.

I applied for a visa to the USA for approximately 4 times, but it was denied. She insisted again with her son and this last time they were approved. Jessica had to make one of the most difficult decisions of her life, which was to travel to Miami without her son, find a job, fight with all her might and be able to take her son with her. It was either that or continue living as they were already living, lacking.

Upon arriving in Miami, she immediately found work in a Colombian girdle store during the day and as a waitress at night. I spend a lot of time working non-stop and not sleeping for an hour from Thursday to Sunday morning.
Her greatest virtue has been always staying positive and grateful even in the most difficult and uncertain moments, since her faith in herself and in God have always been greater.

After 2 years in which her son was constantly traveling to visit her, Jessica and Jacobo finally received their residences and the latter was able to move completely to the city of Miami with his mother.

Now that she was complete with her son by her side, a business opportunity also came into her life that would change her economic situation forever and more than that, her way of thinking and being.

Jessica started working in a marketing network called MONAT with which she felt identified from the first moment, she was interested in educating herself, knowing about the products and the industry and in just a year and a half she managed to reach the top of the compensation plan of this company. Today she is a very successful and recognized leader with a team of more than 10 thousand people.

In addition to this, he obtained his license as a Real Estate agent, became a Health Coach with the American school IIN, is finishing his master’s degree to be a Coach of Coaches with Karen Hoyos and is about to start his Diploma in Neuro Linguistic Programming.

A woman who watches over the well-being of herself, her son, her family, friends, her team and who is in this world to serve and to enjoy life.

Jessica continues to live in Miami and with many more projects on the way.